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Georgia State Code
Title      21
Chapter       2  
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Title 21, Chapter 2, Section 384 (21-2-384)

(a) The superintendent shall, as soon as practicable prior to each primary or election, but at least 45 days prior to any primary or general election other than a municipal primary or election, and at least 21 days prior to any municipal primary or general election, prepare, obtain, and deliver an adequate supply of official absentee ballots to the board of registrars or absentee ballot clerk for use in the primary or election. Envelopes and other supplies as required by this article may be ordered by the superintendent, the board of registrars, or the absentee ballot clerk for use in the primary or election. The board of registrars or absentee ballot clerk shall, within two days after the receipt of such ballots and supplies, mail or issue official absentee ballots to all eligible applicants; and, as additional applicants are determined to be eligible, the board or clerk shall mail or issue official absentee ballots to such additional applicants immediately upon determining their eligibility; provided, however, that no absentee ballot shall be mailed by the registrars or absentee ballot clerk on the day prior to a primary or election. The date a ballot is voted in the registrars' or absentee ballot clerk's office or the date a ballot is mailed to an elector and the date it is returned shall be entered on the application record therefor. The delivery of an absentee ballot to a person confined in a hospital may be made by the registrar or clerk on the day of a primary or election or during a five-day period immediately preceding the day of such primary or election. In the event an absentee ballot which has been mailed by the board of registrars or absentee ballot clerk is not received by the applicant, the applicant may notify the board of registrars or absentee ballot clerk and sign an affidavit stating that the absentee ballot has not been received. The board of registrars or absentee ballot clerk shall then issue a second absentee ballot to the applicant and cancel the original ballot issued. The affidavit shall be attached to the original application. A second application for an absentee ballot shall not be required.

(b) In addition to the mailing envelope, the superintendent, board of registrars, or absentee ballot clerk shall provide two envelopes for each official absentee ballot, of such size and shape as shall be determined by the Secretary of State, in order to permit the placing of one within the other and both within the mailing envelope. On the smaller of the two envelopes to be enclosed in the mailing envelope shall be printed the words "Official Absentee Ballot" and nothing else. On the back of the larger of the two envelopes to be enclosed within the mailing envelope shall be printed the form of oath of the elector and the oath for persons assisting electors, as provided for in Code Section 21-2-409, and the penalties provided for in Code Sections 21-2-568, 21-2-573, 21-2-579, and 21-2-599 for violations of oaths; and on the face of such envelope shall be printed the name and address of the board of registrars or absentee ballot clerk. The mailing envelope addressed to the elector shall contain the two envelopes, the official absentee ballot, and the uniform instructions for the manner of preparing and returning the ballot, in form and substance as provided by the Secretary of State and nothing else.

(c) The oaths referred to in subsection (b) of this Code section shall be in substantially the following form:

I, the undersigned, do swear (or affirm) that I am a citizen of the United States and of the State of Georgia; that my residence address is __________ County, Georgia; that I possess the qualifications of an elector required by the laws of the State of Georgia; that I am entitled to vote in the precinct containing my residence in the primary or election in which this ballot is to be cast; that I am eligible to vote by absentee ballot; that I have not marked or mailed any other absentee ballot, nor will I mark or mail another absentee ballot for voting in such primary or election; nor shall I vote therein in person; and that I have read and understand the instructions accompanying this ballot; and that I have carefully complied with such instructions in completing this ballot. I understand that the offer or acceptance of money or any other object of value to vote for any particular candidate, list of candidates, issue, or list of issues included in this election constitutes an act of voter fraud and is a felony under Georgia law.

____________________ ________________________ Elector's Residence Elector's Place of Birth Address

____________________ Month and Day of Elector's Birth ____________________________ Signature or Mark of Elector

Oath of Person Assisting Elector (if any):

I, the undersigned, do swear (or affirm) that I assisted the above-named elector in marking such elector's absentee ballot as such elector personally communicated such elector's preference to me; that I am satisfied that such elector presently possesses the disability noted below; and that by reason of such disability such elector is entitled to receive assistance in voting under provisions of subsection (a) of Code Section 21-2-409.

This, the ______ day of _________________.

_____________________________ Signature of Person Assisting Elector -- Relationship

Reason for assistance (Check appropriate square):

( ) Elector is unable to read the English language.

( ) Elector has following physical disability _____________.

The forms upon which such oaths are printed shall contain the following information:

Georgia law provides, in subsection (b) of Code Section 21-2-409, that no person shall assist more than ten electors in any primary or election. Georgia law further provides that any person who knowingly falsifies information so as to vote illegally by absentee ballot or who illegally gives or receives assistance in voting, as specified in Code Section 21-2-568, 21-2-573, or 21-2-579, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

(d) Each board of registrars or absentee ballot clerk shall maintain for public inspection a master list, arranged by precincts, setting forth the name and residence of every elector to whom an official absentee ballot has been sent. Absentee electors whose names appear on the master list may be challenged by any elector prior to 12:00 Noon on the day of the primary or election.

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