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Georgia State Code
Title      21
Chapter       2  
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Title 21, Chapter 2, Section 455 (21-2-455)

(a) If the type of voting machine provided shall require the counters to be seen in order to enable the poll officers to canvass the vote, the poll officers, in the presence of all persons within the polling place, shall then make visible the registering counters and, for that purpose, shall unlock and open the doors, or other covering concealing the same, giving full view of all the counter numbers. If the voting machine is equipped with a mechanism for printing paper proof sheets the poll officers shall immediately print not less than four proof sheets and as many more as may be requested by those present, to the extent of the machine's capacity. The chief manager and an assistant manager shall then, under the scrutiny of the other assistant manager, and in the order of the offices as their titles are arranged on the machine, read from the counters or from one of the proof sheets, as the case may be, and announce, in distinct tones, the designation or designating number and letter on each counter for each candidate's name, the result as shown by the counter numbers, the votes recorded for each office for persons other than nominated candidates, and the designation or designating numbers and letters on each counter, and the results as shown by the counter numbers for and against each question voted on. The counters shall not be read consecutively along the party or body rows or columns but shall always be read along the office columns or rows, completing the canvass for each office or question before proceeding to the next.

(b) The vote as registered shall be entered by the poll officers, in ink, on duplicate return sheets and also on a general return sheet and statement, all of which, after the canvass is completed, shall be signed by the poll officers. If any poll officer shall refuse to sign or certify the general or duplicate return sheets or statement, he or she shall write his or her reasons therefor upon such sheets. The vote for presidential electors shall be computed and returned as provided in subsection (e) of Code Section 21-2-452. If more than one voting machine is used in any precinct, the vote registered on each machine shall be ascertained in like manner and separately entered in appropriate spaces on the general and duplicate return sheets and statement. The total vote cast for each candidate and for and against each question shall then be computed and entered on the general and duplicate return sheets and statement. There shall also be entered on the general return sheet and statement the number of electors who have voted, as shown by the numbered list of voters, electors list, and voter's certificates, and the number on each machine, as shown by the public counters. The number registered on the protective counter or device on each machine immediately prior to the opening of the polls and immediately after the closing thereof and sealing of the machine and the number or other designation of each machine used shall also be entered thereon. In the case of primaries, duplicate return sheets shall be prepared as for other elections. The registering counters of the voting machine or the paper proof sheets, as the case may be, shall remain exposed to view until the said returns and all other reports have been fully completed and checked by the poll officers. During such time, anyone who may desire to be present shall be admitted to the polling place.

(c) The proclamation of the result of the votes cast shall be announced distinctly and audibly by the chief manager, who shall read the name of each candidate, the designation or designating numbers and letters of his or her counters, and the vote registered on each counter, as well as the vote cast for and against each question submitted. During such proclamation, ample opportunity shall be given to any person lawfully present to compare the results so announced with the counter dials of the machine or with the paper proof sheets, as the case may be, and any necessary corrections shall then and there be made by the poll officers, after which the doors or other cover of the voting machine shall be closed and locked. Any ballots written, deposited, or affixed in or upon the voting machine shall be enclosed in properly sealed packages and properly endorsed and shall be delivered by the chief manager as provided in this part. The chief manager shall promptly deliver to the superintendent or his or her representative the keys of the voting machine, enclosed in a sealed envelope, if the construction of the voting machine shall permit their separate return. Such envelope shall have endorsed thereon a certificate of the poll officers stating the number of the machine, the precinct where it has been used, the number on the seal, and the number on the protective counter or device at the close of the polls.

(d) The poll officers, on the returns provided for in this Code section, shall record any votes which have been cast by means of a write-in ballot for a person whose name is not printed on the ballot labels. In returning any such votes which have been written, deposited, or affixed upon receptacles or devices provided for the purpose, the poll officers shall record any such names exactly as they were written, deposited, or affixed.

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