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Georgia State Code
Title      21
Chapter       2  
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Title 21, Chapter 2, Section 70 (21-2-70)

Each superintendent within his or her county or municipality shall exercise all the powers granted to him or her by this chapter and shall perform all the duties imposed upon him or her by this chapter, which shall include the following:

(1) To receive and act upon all petitions presented by electors, the board of registrars, or the county executive committee of a political party for the division, redivision, alteration, change, or consolidation of precincts;

(2) To receive and determine the sufficiency of nomination petitions of candidates filing notice of their candidacy with him or her in accordance with this chapter;

(3) To prepare and publish, in the manner provided by this chapter, all notices and advertisements, in connection with the conduct of elections, which may be required by law, and to transmit immediately to the Secretary of State a copy of any publication in which a call for a special primary, election, or runoff is issued;

(4) To select and equip polling places for use in primaries and elections in accordance with this chapter;

(5) To purchase, except voting machines and vote recorders, preserve, store, and maintain election equipment of all kinds, including voting booths and ballot boxes and to procure ballots and all other supplies for primaries and elections;

(6) To appoint poll officers and other officers to serve in primaries and elections in accordance with this chapter;

(7) To make and issue such rules, regulations, and instructions, consistent with law, including the rules and regulations promulgated by the State Election Board, as he or she may deem necessary for the guidance of poll officers, custodians, and electors in primaries and elections;

(8) To instruct poll officers and others in their duties, calling them together in meetings whenever deemed advisable, and to inspect systematically and thoroughly the conduct of primaries and elections in the several precincts of his or her county to the end that primaries and elections may be honestly, efficiently, and uniformly conducted;

(9) To receive from poll officers the returns of all primaries and elections, to canvass and compute the same, and to certify, as soon as practicable following the primary and election, the results thereof to such authorities as may be prescribed by law;

(10) To announce publicly, by posting in his or her office, the results of all primaries and elections held in his or her county;

(11) In any general election at which a proposal to amend the Constitution or to provide for a new Constitution is submitted to the electors for ratification, the election superintendent shall provide copies of the summary of such proposal prepared pursuant to Article X, Section I, Paragraph II of the Constitution as provided in this paragraph. A reasonable number of copies of such summary shall be conspicuously available in each polling place;

(12) To prepare annually a budget estimate of his or her expenses under this chapter, in which shall be set forth an itemized list of expenditures for the preceding two years and an itemized estimate of the amount of money necessary to be appropriated for the ensuing year and to submit the same at the time and in the manner and form other budget estimates of his or her county are now or may hereafter be required to be filed;

(13) To conduct all elections in such manner as to guarantee the secrecy of the ballot and to perform such other duties as may be prescribed by law; and

(14) To take an oath in the following form:

I, _______________________, do swear (or affirm) that I will as superintendent duly attend the ensuing election (or primary) during the continuance thereof, that I will to the best of my ability prevent any fraud, deceit, or abuse in carrying on the same, that I will make a true and perfect return of the said election (or primary), and that I will at all times truly, impartially, and faithfully perform my duties in accordance with Georgia laws to the best of my judgment and ability.

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