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Georgia State Code
Title      44
Chapter       3  
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Title 44, Chapter 3, Section 162 (44-3-162)

As used in this article, the term:

(1) "Agent" means a person authorized by the developer to act for such developer in offering to the public or managing time-share intervals including but not limited to employees or independent contractors of the developer, managing agents, sales agents, and escrow agents.

(2) "Conspicuous statement" means a statement in boldface and conspicuous type of at least ten points, such statements always being larger than all other statements, except for other conspicuous statements, in the body of the document in which they are required.

(3) "Developer" means, in the case of any given property, any person or entity which is in the business of creating or which is in the business of selling its own time-share intervals in any time-share program. This definition shall not mean a person acting solely as a sales agent.

(4) "Developer control period" means the period of time during which the developer or managing agent selected by the developer may manage the time-share program and the units in the time-share program.

(5) "Development," "project," or "property" means all of the real property subject to a project instrument and which contains more than one unit.

(6) "Escrow agent" means a licensed real estate broker, an attorney who is a member of the State Bar of Georgia, a title company, or a banking institution or savings and loan company having trust powers and located in this state who is entrusted with the deposit of trust funds with instructions to carry out the provisions of an agreement or contract.

(7) "Exchange company" means any person owning or operating an exchange program.

(8) "Exchange program" means any arrangement whereby owners may exchange occupancy rights with persons owning other time-share intervals or units or other rights of possession; provided, however, that an exchange program shall not exist if all of the occupancy rights which may be exchanged are in the same time-share property.

(9) "Managing agent" means a person who undertakes the duties, responsibilities, and obligations of the management of a time-share program.

(10) "Multilocation developer" means a developer creating or selling its own time-share intervals in a multilocation plan.

(11) "Multilocation plan" means a time-share plan respecting more than one time-share property pursuant to which owners may or may not obtain use rights in a specific time-share property and may, by reservation or other similar procedure, become entitled to occupy time-share units in more than one time-share property. (12) "Offering" means any offer to sell, solicitation, inducement, or advertisement whether by radio, television, newspaper, magazine, or mail whereby a person is given an opportunity to acquire a time-share interval.

(13) "Person" means one or more natural persons, corporations, partnerships, associations, trusts, other entities, or any combination thereof.

(14) "Project" means development.

(15) "Project instrument" means one or more recordable documents applicable to the whole project by whatever name denominated, containing restrictions or covenants regulating the use, occupancy, or disposition of an entire project including any amendments to the document excluding any law, ordinance, or governmental regulation.

(16) "Property" means development.

(17) "Public offering statement" means a written statement given to prospective purchasers by the developer or the developer's agent disclosing such information about the time-share project as required by this article.

(18) "Purchaser" means any person other than a developer or lender who acquires an interest in a time-share interval.

(19) "Sales agent" means a person who for another, for a fee, commission, or any other valuable consideration or with the intent or expectation of receiving the same from another, negotiates or attempts to negotiate the sale or lease of a time-share interval in a time-share program.

(20) "Sales agreement" means that contract, agreement, lease, or other written instrument by which a purchaser contracts to acquire or acquires, in the event there is no contract to acquire, an interest in a time-share interval.

(21) "Time-share estate" means an ownership or leasehold interest in real property divided into measurable chronological periods.

(22) "Time-share instrument" means any document, by whatever name denominated, creating or regulating time-share programs excluding any law, ordinance, or governmental regulation.

(23) "Time-share interval" means a time-share estate or a time-share use.

(24) "Time-share program" means any arrangement for time-share intervals in a time-share project whereby the use, occupancy, or possession of real property has been made subject to either a time-share estate or time-share use whereby such use, occupancy, or possession circulates among purchasers of the time-share intervals according to a fixed or floating time schedule on a periodic basis occurring annually over any period of time in excess of one year in duration.

(25) "Time-share project" means any real property that is subject to a time-share program. (26) "Time-share use" means any contractual right of exclusive occupancy which does not fall within the definition of a time-share estate including, without limitation, a vacation license, prepaid hotel reservation, club membership, limited partnership, or vacation bond.

(27) "Unit" means the real property or real property improvement in a project which is divided into time-share intervals.

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