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Georgia State Code
Title      31
Chapter       7  
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Title 31, Chapter 7, Section 112 (31-7-112)

As used in this article, the term:

(1) "Authority" means each public corporation created pursuant to this article.

(2) "Cost of project" includes:

(A) All costs of construction, purchase, or other form of acquisition;

(B) All costs of real or personal property required for the purposes of the project and of all facilities related thereto and the cost of extinguishing any liens or security interests related to the property so acquired, including land and any rights or undivided interest therein; easements, franchises, water rights, fees, permits, approvals, licenses, and certificates; the securing of such franchises, permits, approvals, licenses, and certificates; and the preparation of applications therefor;

(C) Costs of all machinery, equipment, initial fuel, and other supplies required for the project;

(D) Financing charges, interest prior to and during construction and for six months thereafter;

(E) Costs of engineering, architectural, and legal services;

(F) Fees paid to fiscal agents for financial and other advice or supervision;

(G) Costs of plans and specifications and all expenses necessary or incidental to the construction, purchase, or acquisition of the project or to determining the feasibility or practicability of the project; and

(H) Administrative expenses and such other expenses as may be necessary or incidental to the financing authorized in this article.

There may also be included, as part of the cost of a project, the repayment of any loans made for the advance payment of any part of such cost, including interest thereon at rates to be determined by the authority, which loans are authorized if made payable solely from the proceeds of the authority's bonds or notes or revenues to be received in connection with the leasing, sale, or financing of the project. The cost of a project may also include a fund or funds for the creation of a debt service reserve, a renewal and replacement reserve, and such other reserves as may be reasonably required by the authority with respect to the financing and operation of any project and as may be authorized by any bond resolution or trust agreement or indenture pursuant to the provisions of which the issuance of any such bonds may be authorized. Any obligation or expense incurred for any of the foregoing purposes shall be paid or reimbursed as a part of the cost of the project out of the proceeds of revenue bonds or notes issued under this article. (3) "County" means any county of this state.

(4) "Eligible persons" means persons who have reached the age of 62 years and who have need for housing which provides the special facilities and services required by elderly persons and who meet the criteria for eligibility set forth in rules and regulations which are from time to time promulgated by the authority pursuant to the grant of authority so to do which is contained in subsection (b) of Code Section 31-7-114.

(5) "Governing body" means the elected or duly appointed officials constituting the governing body of each municipal corporation and county in this state.

(6) "Municipal corporation" means each city and town in this state.

(7) "Project" or "residential care facility for the elderly" means:

(A) Any one or more buildings or structures to be used in providing at a single location the comprehensive services required by the elderly, including, without limitation, residential care and the types of services provided in skilled nursing homes, intermediate care homes, and personal care homes supplied with all necessary or useful furnishings, machinery, equipment, parking facilities, landscaping, and facilities for outdoor storage, all as determined by the authority, which determination shall be final and not subject to review; provided, however, that no single project or residential care facility shall be required to render all types of services and levels of care referred to above. There may be included as part of any such project all improvements necessary to the full utilization thereof, including, without limitation, site preparation; roads and streets; sidewalks; water supply; outdoor lighting; belt line railroad; railroad sidings and lead tracks; bridges; causeways; terminals for railroad, automotive, and air transportation; transportation facilities incidental to the project; and the dredging and improving of harbors and waterways. However, none of the aforementioned improvements shall be the primary purpose of any project;

(B) The acquisition, construction, leasing, or equipping of new residential care facilities for the elderly or the improvement, modification, acquisition, expansion, modernization, leasing, equipping, or remodeling of existing residential care facilities for the elderly located or to be located within the area of operation of the authority; and

(C) The acquisition, construction, improvement, or modification of any property, real or personal, which any qualified sponsor might desire to use, acquire, or lease in connection with the operation of any project located or to be located within the area of operation of the authority.

(8) "Qualified sponsor" means any nonprofit corporation which has met criteria established by the authority and which has undertaken to provide residential care facilities for the elderly which will be available for sale or rent to eligible persons.

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